Elementary My Dear Majesty!

Elementary My Dear Majesty!

Elementary My Dear Majesty! is a 3D hidden object game
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Elementary My Dear Majesty! is a hidden object game. The action takes place in a fantasy kingdom where the princess suddenly turns into a monster for no apparent reason. The king grows desperate and tries all methods he can think of to bring her back, but with no success. He then calls Felix, the character which you'll be playing, to investigate his daughter's illness.

The story is pretty funny, and the graphics have an overall cartoony design. It is all meant to deliver as much fun as possible, in a game of this type. Hidden objects games are characterized by solving puzzles and finding objects for investigation purposes. Elementary My Dear Majesty! however, combines the gameplay and story very well. You never get the idea that you're searching for an object for no apparent reason. Every little thing you do in the game has a reason. For example, in the first level you will find objects that will help you on your journey to the king's castle. There are some mini-games also. In one of them you'll shoot sheep with a catapult towards the grinding wheel. The mini-games are defiantly different from other games of the same genre. They are very interactive. For example, in another mini-game you need to change the gears on your flying boat. This is done by removing the old gears manually with a magnet, and replacing them with new ones.

The game also features a very good physics engine. This is what makes the mini-games so interesting to play. And interaction with the world also looks better, because everything has a natural animation. The graphics are very good. You can zoom in or out to see better, you can also change the viewing angle.

Elementary My Dear Majesty! is most likely the funniest hidden object game I've played in a while. I really liked the world design and entertaining story, and also the gameplay elements. It's not so common to see a 3D game from this genre equipped with a good physics engine.

Dennis Niels
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  • Easy to play
  • Very funny story
  • Nice graphics
  • Good gameplay mechanics


  • Cannot choose destination folder when installing
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